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Warm your hearts with this “ CAN’T GET HEALTHIER - RICH HOT COCO! "
The ingredients surprised me as well, but trust me.. it tastes sooo good!

High on antioxidants, super high on good fats and protein.

You’ll love it on days you wana curl up in bed with something hot, healthy and chocolatey.

Here’s what you’ll need
½ cup coconut milk / almond milk/ whole milk – I obviously have coconut milk
1 pasteurized egg
looots of unsweetened coco powder- 100 % Hershey’s is great.
½ scoop chocolate whey protein of your choice
Stevia or coconut sugar or raw brown sugar to sweeten – I’ll let you take a call on the quantity here J
Heat the milk of your choice in a pan.
In a separate pan, mix the egg, coco powder, whey protein and sugar together. Once the milk has white bubbles, it’s hot enough to add into this mixture.
Your cup of Christmas cheer is ready