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Just some of the nice things
clients have to say...
Aastha Chowdhary
Rashi is an inspiration herself!
Only and only because of her i am nearing my forever goal of being fit. She taught me how eating clean is the most important update i need in my life. I've been with her for over 7 months now and my journey has been incredible thanks to her.
I've dropped almost 2 sizes by eating healthy. Starving and doing crash diets NEVER works for long. She's not aiming on changing your eating habits instead what she's actually doing is changing your lifestyle. Everyone has their own pace and i had mine but approaching to a place i never imagined i would be in is incredible.
Michelle Hale
My nutritionist is amazing!!
Rashi helped me before I got pregnant to realise that I can achieve "perfect" blood sugars! There's perfection in imperfection. Cutting out processed food before conception showed me just how powerful healthy eating is! Rashi has changed my life.
I feel refreshed every time I see her!! My A1c is 5.7 best I've had in 18 years!!! I'm 13 weeks (and 6 days) pregnant and couldn't be happier!!!
Shafin Alibhai
When I came to Rashi about 5 weeks ago I was pushing approximately 83Kg and was on high doses of insulin due my somewhat poor eating habits. Over the span of 20+ years I have been on quite a few “diets” and have lost the weight only to watch it all come back once I went back to eating normally again.

With Rashi things are completely different. Not only has she given me quite a diverse selection of foods, which include salads, avocados, eggs, rice, sweet potato, fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables…etc but she has also helped me eliminate approximately 6kg of fat in 5 weeks. I feel great, have plenty of energy for my workouts, no longer craving foods, and have had to buy an entire new wardrobe.

Rashi does not put you on a diet; she puts you on a path to a lifestyle change and gives you the knowledge on how to make healthy decisions on what you eat.
Tina Tanna
I visited Rashi for the first time when she was recommended to me by a doctor.

I was and always have been sensitive about my weight, I even had a minor breakdown in Rashi's office the first time. Despite having heard good things about her, I felt like this wouldn't work just like the other things I had tried.

It has been just 2 months since I've been going to her and I've lost about 7-7.5 kgs. What's wonderful is that I don't starve or feel hungry at all. I also feel way less bloated, lighter and more active. Rashi has been careful to give me food and a diet plan that can be turned into a lifestyle instead of a diet that can be followed temporarily. I can see myself turning into what I want to be and moving ahead towards my happy weight and its a wonderful feeling.

Rashi is an absolute blessing.
Maria Stella
I have always taken an interest in nutrition and decided to become a vegetarian for health and moral reasons . I eliminated processed food as well as most of the sugar in my diet. My focus on healthy meals brought me to eat fresh vegetables, pulses, cheese and big amounts of bread and pasta. Despite my best efforts in following my personal nutritional plan, the kilos kept piling up. I had low energy levels and I was always craving cheese and bread.

The situation got worse when I started feeling sick. For months I suffered from an uncomfortable stomach pain. I believed the pain was bearable and that I just had to endure it. But the situation quickly got worse, and what was just a mild discomfort turned into acute, frightening stomach cramps. In hospital I was tested for many possible problems and was shocked when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. As an Italian pasta and pizza eater this sounded like a curse!

I realized I needed professional support and wasted no time in setting an appointment with Rashi.

She was very understanding of my situation and signed me up for a 12 week program to regain my health and lose weight.
The diet does not include any sugar, gluten or dairy and reintroduced meat and fish once again.

The first two weeks were the hardest and strictest, designed to clean my body. But I was quickly rewarded.Two days into the program, my pain disappeared and did not come back. There's no words to express the relief of feeling well again!

Then the weight starting falling off. Six weeks into the program, I lost 8kg of body fat and dropped two clothes sizes. My energy levels are great once again, I feel stronger, younger and more beautiful!

I no longer have cravings for junk food and look forward to eating a healthy meal. I'm very much looking forward to finishing my 12 week program with Rashi and stick to my new, healthy eating plan for life!
Anke Groenewald
I had gotten to the point where I hated going to the shop to find new clothes or even getting dressed up for a night out. My love for fashion and keeping up with trends just died away as I no longer could fit into anything I actually liked but rather clothes that would hide the weight. I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food and with the support of my boyfriend, family and friends – I decided to do something about it instead of continuing with being uncomfortable and insecure. The one thing I remember telling Rashi at my first consultation was – “I am tired of people telling me I have a pretty face, I want the whole package to be attractive”.

Rashi was very supportive and the eating plans given were very easy to follow and very enjoyable. The key point making this easy to follow is that the eating plan gets changed every 2 weeks and Rashi made me very aware that the meals took planning. I did struggle from time to time but my focus was on the bigger picture – being able to fit into a size 12 dress. Rashi gave me the necessary push and shared my excitement when the cm’s started disappearing.

In a total of 3 months I lost:

7.5 cm across my shoulders
8 cm on my arms
26.5 cm across my chest
13 cm around my upper abs
14 cm around my waist
20 cm around my lower abs
20 cm across my hips
13 cm around my thighs
9 cm around my calves

When I met Rashi I was a Size 18 and 7 months later I can fit into a Size 12!

I have maintained keeping the weight off and in 7 months I have lost:

15.5 cm across my shoulders
10 cm on my arms
29.5 cm across my chest
14 cm around my upper abs
20 cm around my waist
26 cm around my lower abs
21 cm across my hips
17 cm around my thighs
12 cm around my calves

I eat a balanced diet that is very much influenced by Rashi’s guidelines and I have improved on my exercise regime. I do have the odd biscuit, piece of cake or chocolate without feeling guilty, this time round I just ensure I work a bit harder when exercising.

I thank Rashi for guiding me and supporting me through the transition and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to see results and are 100 % about wanting to feel the best they can about themselves.

My experience with Rashi was very fulfilling and rewarding.

I still measure every 2 weeks and am now working towards being a size 10

I really do want to thank you for your guidance. I feel like a new person.

Kind Regards,

Anke Groenewald
party planner manager
Kidville, Dubai
Birthday Party Manager
Varun Daryanani
I have known Rashi since Feb 2012, she has consulted me for just about 1.5 years. Initially, I was too tired to try losing weight because the thought of going on a "diet" demotivated me. However, Rashi gave me a whole new insight on eating right and NOT dieting. Since then I have lost 20 kg, its slow and progress might come to a stall at times but its the right way and will last you a life time (hopefully, if your listening to her). Its been about 6 months since my program ended and i have managed to keep the weight off by applying what i learnt from her in my own way.

Remember: you are going to learn a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Its a life long commitment, and probably the most important one after your marriage!

Varun Daryanani
AUD student,
Jillie Skidmore
I have been told all my life I was fat by my family as a child . My son and husband gave me support what ever diet I tried
I gradually gave up on diet. I tried every one that came on the market.
My son knowing how down hearted I was becoming with food put me in touch with Rashi. What a revaluation . She gave me nothing but encouragement .
Looking at what I was eating and told me I was starving myself and my body was storing as much as possible .
The diet I was given was eating normal food in enormous quantity . It took into account my allergies and I lost weight. I had more energy.
Rashi kept in touch with me and rotated my diet every two weeks.
Rashi taught me what I should be eating and in what quantity. Nothing was overlooked . I even photographed my food.
Rashi lives in Dubai I live in south west of France.
I have never been so well looked after , Rashi was assessable when every I needed her.
I took a road trip to Madrid and my picnics for the route where discussed.
I have control again. She has encouraged and praised . I have control for the first time. I shall continue until I am a normal weight again. I know although I have finished my time with Rashi she will always be there if I have problems. I cannot praise her enough!

Jillie Skidmore
From France.
Klass Boon
I started working with Rashi in January 2013, I had huge problems with my energy levels and would doze off at work after big lunches and after dinner when watching tv.
I took a 3 month package, where Rashi would meet me every fortnight and check my fat/energy/weight/muscle levels using inbody analyses.
She would tailor a new menu for me, where I had to drink 3 liters of water a day and take a personal trainer or go to the gym often. The combination and education of which foods to eat when was a huge eye opener for me.
I struggled after six weeks to follow the menu and lost energy and did not loose fat or gain muscle...(Too many social outings) but then she gave me a hard time, which in return gave me a mental boost, I also did send my daily food and drink consumption to Rashi, which helped me push for better results. In the end, in 6 weeks I lost 5kgs of fat, feel much more energetic and gained a bit of muscle as well.
For me most important is to feel fit and energetic again by living a healthier lifestyle. Without Rashi's help I would have not achieved this…

Klass Boon
Mrs. Sagar
In august 2012 I got to know I had type 2 diabetes. My daughter had read about Rashi Chowdhary and suggested we go to her.
I was a little hesitant at first but after our first meeting with rashi , I knew I was in the right hands. She just made me feel very comfortable and assured I would be fine .
To start with she asked me about my daily eating habits and explained very patiently about what I was doing wrong. She explained how important it is to include a few things in your diet for eg- ghee, which we all avoid at first in order to lose weight. She made me weekly food charts for 3 months and asked me to alter my food portion and timings and that was it ( the best thing about her diet chart was, I was also allowed sweets/dessert every 2- 3 days – she did not deprive me of any food ).
By just following her diet and walking everyday for 30 mins to an hour ,( as advised by rashi )I saw a massive change in my HBa1c levels, I lost weight and my sugar levels were just about right. my doctor was amazed with my hba1c results which reduced from 11 to 5.6 .
With every progressing week and following her diet, i was a healthier person and felt just great.
I still follow her diet , and I’m much more aware of what to eat and how much to eat.
My experience was more like a wake up call and truly amazing. I cant thank Rashi enough. She is the best !!

Mrs. Sagar,
With Rashi Inch Loss program, I have learned to value the food I eat and how it affects my body. Being a hardcore foodie, i was always reluctant to see a nutritionist as i was not confident i would be able to adapt to a drastic change in my eating habits that a nutritionist might introduce in my life. But after developing a fairly ugly-looking paunch at such a worryingly young age, i knew i needed help.

Rashi immediately picked up on my anxieties and instead of introducing drastic changes to my eating habits, she eased me into the program by taking the food i already enjoy and organizing it into an optimized healthy schedule. Every two weeks she would review my progress and make personalized meal plan recommendations that were tailored to my likes and dislikes. No need to be worried about being asked to eat brown rice if you despise the taste of it! In addition to eating right, she also emphasized the need to eat in small intervals to keep my metabolism rate high. Rashi also showed me how to increase my exercise levels gradually so that my body would work more efficiently towards my goal. Throughout our program, she stressed the need to see this new routine as a lifestyle and not as an intermediary diet program that could be shelved after i have achieved my goals. It is amazing how alert and energized I feel since beginning the program.

She has immense passion and knowledge for what she does and her compassion and dedication really comes through. Thanks for helping me make permanent changes to my lifestyle, Rashi! Strongly recommended.

Khushboo Thakwani
As cliché as this may sound meeting Rashi completely change my life. I actually read about her 2 years ago in a post shared by a friend on Facebook, and that very instant I wanted to meet her. About three years back, I had gone into crash dieting just to be a part of the 'size zero' clan, and the havoc it had on my body and my life was no surprise. For almost a year, I experienced low energy levels, mood swings, an absent menstrual cycle for 8-9 months, and the list goes on. Most important of all, despite fitting into the most skimpy dress, I was extremely unhappy and depressed. That was of course until I met my guiding light, Rashi. We got started in September 2011, with a diet plan. For a few weeks, even months, being on a prescribed plan was an inconvenience. The eating every 2-3 hours, the same boring things. However, over time I started feeling good about myself, had increased energy levels, and the best part, hadn't gained any weight. Voila!!

That was when I realized this has to be a lifestyle now, and not a diet that I go on and off from. So, keeping the basic rules in mind, I started being a little creative with how I ate so that I don't get bored and go back to my old eating habits. Today, two years down the line, I've understood the whole fat /muscle composition, and how losing fat and not just weight is the key. Over the last one year, with rashi's help and the right workouts, I've lost about 6 kilos of fat, and gained 3 kilos of muscle (sounds little, but ladies, gaining muscle mass is a task, so each gram counts haha). It's amazing what your body is capable if you treat it right. The confidence it brings along is unbeatable. I literally owe my life to rashi. My angel in disguise.

Khushboo Thakwani,
Rashi - what does one write about such a beautiful, pretty, attractive and a vivacious personality! Yet a thorough Professional to the core.

I was referred by a friend to see Rashi for a weight loss program me and my friend assured me I would not have to live on the dreaded salads and so called healthy boring foods. Not to mention the work outs.

I sure was in for a surprise when I met Rashi for the first time. Being diabetic she took all my lifestyle habits into account and I just could not believe that I left her clinic with a diet that included my favorite mango, pasta and yes macadamia nuts!

I started losing weight and my diabetes too was well under control.

I lost 12kgs and dropped 3 sizes. It was really unbelievable.

I am now on my own maintenance program me guided by Rashi and yet losing weight.

Rashi is an incredible dietician and gives constant support all the way, be it in person, phone or email.

Thank you so much Rashi for being my constant saviour.