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My Inch Loss Program

The crux of the plan is to keep it simple!

Eat foods in their most
natural form possible.
No fat free/ sugar free or other
chemical calories

Eat food in the right
combinations to control
your insulin levels

Eat foods that you and
your body love

Eat convenient foods at
regular intervals

Eat 80% of your appetite
by resizing your
food portions

Step 1: Getting to know you better!

Lifestyle analysis: A detailed discussion about your current eating + sleep timings, activity + stress levels and daily habits...[more] This is followed by analyzing which of these daily actions, contrary to your beliefs is in fact stopping you from reaching your inch loss goals. Prepare to be surprised !

Body fat analysis: Here we figure out what your weight is actually made up of! How much fat you need...[more] to lose and the amount of muscle you may need to gain! It is an absolute shame to lose weight if its all just muscle and water. You and your body deserve better than that! So we’ll make sure you lose fat and not just weight!

Step 2: Your personalized meal plan

You and me will Mutually decide on a meal plan based
on your food preferences, childhood eating habits, cultural meals
and activity levels.
The idea is to build a plan around your current lifestyle
as opposed to a plan that required major lifestyle changes
which are difficult to sustain.

Step 3: Staying on track

I've designed some health tools that will help you through the process.
Simple &  easy to follow inch loss program
For the 1st few weeks you will need to send me your daily food recalls so I can keep a close check on how well the plan is fitting in your lifestyle.
Once you are on track, you're free to send me recalls on a weekly basis!

Step 4: Way foward

We meet every 2 weeks to change the meal plan.
Your body needs a new stimulus to burn fat at a faster rate.
You will do a Self-evaluation of full body measurements every 2 weeks.

Contact details

+971 (50) 1815030
To make an appointment you can call my clinic on 043481166 or 050 640 3307