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Interview: Mohamed Samak
lost 12 kg of fat in 12 weeks

Why so crazy about 6 packs? That’s all we spoke about the first time.What made you want to do this?
I always knew that 6 packs is the hardest challenge because it is very difficult to develop and maintain muscle. I always wanted to have this feeling when your stomach is not just straight but ripped and solid. Then, when we met at British Petroleum, i though i should give your diet a try .
What changes did you make in your diet?
I have always been the type of person who works out and eats whatever is on the table. That’s why I never had a proper 6 packs shape and had this mucles covered with fat but then I woke up one day with a clear target in my head to get my 6 packs! I started your diet and ate only healthy food, low carbs and most importantly at specific timings during the day, which i realise i was doing wrong earlier. I have added more protein to my food balance and nearly stopped eating the wrong carbs and sugar. (That doesn’t mean that I don’t have my cheating day every week :)). I have definitely stopped all fizzy drinks, sugar on tea or coffee, stopped eating sweets, and only a couple of fruits a day as you recommended.
Did you change your workouts too?
My workouts became more intense nearly burning 800 to 1,000 calories every day. I intentionally pushed myself to sweat hard and get the max out of each workout. less resting time and more sets; that was my aim. Eating better helped me lift heavier as well.
Give us a typical good day in your life with your food and workout regime as of today
My typical weekday day is the way you recommended, but please i’m not saying what i do on weekends. So i start by waking up at 6:00 AM, going to the kitchen and having my 1 tablespoon spoon chunky peanut butter and then my protein shake cup. After I drive to the office, I have a cup of coffee and then my second meal; 2 pieces of fruit and few raw nuts at around 10:00 AM. Later on, my lunch time is around 1:00 PM (3rd meal) which mainly consists of salad, vegetables, nice portion of grilled meat and few spoons of white rice. I then have my 4th meal at around 4:00 PM which is nothing more than an apple to warm up for going to the gym. I spend in the gym around 1 to 1.5 hours daily (6 days a week). After I finish my workout, I have my 5th meal which is my second protein shake cup (for recovery). My dinner (6th meal) starts at around 7:00 PM which is usually fresh salad, 2 eggs and a piece of meat. I make sure I don’t eat anything between these 7 meals until I go to sleep. I go to bed at around 11:00 PM to catch up a nice 6-7 hours’ sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for a new happy day. I am not going to mention my weekends food regime. It is up to your imagination :)
What is the toughest part about maintaining this body?
The hard part is trying to add more muscles and keep the diet in place (not to gain fat). It is a very hard equation to balance both at the same time because diet will make your muscles get ripped and get rid of all the fats (when you burn more calories than what you eat). On the other hand if you need to add more muscles and maintain the same fat percentage it will be very challenging (simply because you have to gain more calories than what you burn)
So what next? are you up for another challenge or aiming for something else?
My coming challenge is to add more muscles and keep the same body fat percentage (btw 7.5%) so wish me good luck :)