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Corporate Wellness &
Inch Loss Programs
These are special customized programs aimed at the corporate world keeping in mind the tough competitive space that we are a part of.
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6 months

Complete Health Campaign

  • Health Check Up's: There will be a health check up sessions every alternate month � total 3 check up sessions (No more than 4 days/per check up session - subject to change depending on number of employees)
  • One Workshop
  • Cafeteria Make over
  • Facebook support
3 months

Three Month Health Campaign

  • Two Health Check Up�s (1 every 1.5 months)
  • Two Workshops
  • Facebook Support
2 days

Two Day Health Check Up And Workshop

Day 1: Personal Health check ups that include

  • Body Analysis with following details:
  • Body fat %
  • Body fat mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Hydration levels
  • Waist to Hip Ratio: this is an indicator of metabolic disorders
  • Fitness score
  • BMI-Body Mass Index
  • Each session will last around 2-3 minutes.
  • Each employee is expected to know his Height in Inches or cms for this session.
  • Duration for 200 employees will be approximately 7 hrs
  • Each employee gets to take back the analysis sheet with them along with the personalized hand written diet advice.

Day 2: Nutrition Workshop

Duration: 1 hour.
30-35 mins workshop + 20 mins question and answer round
This workshop includes:

  • Explanation of the body analysis sheet done on the previous day.
    This will bring about awareness among all the employees and get them geared up to take their health and fitness levels seriously.
  • Easy tips on how to lose weight and improve work performance by eating right and making small lifestyle changes while busy at work.

Employees who were unable to finish analysis on day 1 can come by on day 2 to get personal sessions.

1 day

One Day Workshop

Duration:1 day

1 Hour workshop with a question and answer round

Detailed description of services
Health Check Up:      An Inbody analysis
A clear picture about one's body chemistry.

The result sheet will give them a total body analysis. Some of the results are as follows:
  • % of body fat
  • Kg�s of fat to lose
  • % Muscle massKg�s of muscle mass to gain
  • Basal Metabolic Rate + Body Mass Index +Waist to Hip Ratio
  • Water retention or dehydration and
  • Fitness score
With these results we will be able to judge the progress of not only over weight employees but underweight as well.
For underweight people it can be done on the basis of their Fitness Score + %muscle mass + hydration

Health Check Up:       Personalized Diet advice
Based on the Results of Inbody Analysis + current lifestyle habits

Each employee gets to take back the analysis sheet with them along with the personalized hand written diet advice.

Each session will take 10 mins: inclusive of inbody Analysis + customized diet advise

The following health check ups will be done to evaluate the health status of each employee based on drop in body fat %, increase in muscle mass, WHR (measurement of fat specially around the mid section) and their total fitness score. The employees are expected to follow the diet advise given.
Interactive workshop will cover the following topics:

Topics are subject to change depending on requirements of the employees after the 1st Health Check up.
  1. Busting fat free and low fat myths
  2. Common mistakes which lead to stubborn belly fat and less productivity at work!
  3. Smart and convenient food swaps: customized to the needs of the employees.
QnA round is included in the workshop!
Facebook Support
Each employee will have access to asking diet related questions and clearing out their queries on my facebook page after they join it.

Weekly posts will be put up to encourage each and everyone to follow the diet advise which in turn will help to get better results at each Health Check up.
Cafeteria Makeover
1 hr consultation with the concerned authorities.