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Interview: Afser from British Petroleum
lost 26 kgs of fat in 5 months

Losing all this weight, must feel amazing, tell us a little about your experience.
Alright.. To start with.. Losing 26 Kgs in 5 ½ months is definitely a great achievement. Never expected to be transformed to a fit person from obese (from 40 Inches to 30 ½ Inches). It wasn’t quite easy, had to control on food habits, however now I got to know what is healthier and what is not. Maintaining the same weight is going to be a challenge.
What about diabetes scared you the most?
Diabetes did scare me the most, it was due to obesity, now that I have cut down on my weight (Fat), it is obsolete now. I’m not diabetic anymore! What are the major changes you made in your diet after we met? After we met, the major changes that I found on my diet is that now I know what i can eat and what I have to avoid, eat healthy and stay healthy. Starving Is not a healthy way to lose weight, enjoy dieting is what I learned from your session
What has been the most difficult thing to change to get here?
Being a south Indian, to stay away from rice during nights is what the most difficult thing, however when I came to know that for me, it’s not healthy to have rice at night, I stopped it there. Apart from that the diet plan that you gave which is definitely doable, just that you have to be determined and eat according to the diet plan ( DO NOT CHEAT). Still cheating on weekends is acceptable ;)
What is you next fitness goal?
To add more muscle and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s quite difficult to maintain the same weight, however it is still achievable! It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Once again! Thank you very much for helping me achieve this Rashi. You were there to support all the time and the kind of motivation you provided has really helped. Hope that I maintain the same.